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Turn your android Mobile phone into PC instantly

by Amanetali44
android Mobile phone into PC

Smart Phones have turned us into more productive humans. They allow us to reply to emails, use social media and manage office work. Every new feature of Android does not fail to surprise us. These mini portable devices can now be seen in every palm and fit perfectly. One should not get deceived by the small size of Android. This mini device can do a lot. Maybe we are not completely aware of what an Android can do for us. For instance it can be turned into a computer. Yes, it is true. So if you are bored of using the Android interface for a long period let’s turn it into a PC. Wouldn’t it be a great change? You can try this also when you do not have access to your laptop and need a computer on an urgent basis, but how?

Turn Your Android into PC

You will need a mouse, keyboard and any external display. Below we have describe best methods to change android mobile phone into PC


Chromecast is by far the most universal way to turn your smartphone into a PC. Biggest advantage of this display is that almost all the Androids are compatible with it. You will need to use the feature of screen mirroring that you can access through the settings of your phone.

Well, to have a real feel that you are using a computer, keep the mouse and keyboard with you. We recommend you Bluetooth keyboard and mouse so that you will remain free from wires.

Leena Launcher

Leena Desktop UI is a launcher app. If you want to enjoy the desktop interface on your Android then this is one of the best launchers. It comes with incredible features. It is very easy to set up due to its simplified interface. Like Andromium OS it also facilitates its users by providing the facility of mouse, keyboard, TV screen and monitor connection. You can open multiple apps at the same time. For instance, a web browser and file manager can be opened at the same time in separate windows. Both will be evidently visible on the screen. Launcher also includes some pre-installed apps that are video player, image viewer, file manager and browser that can benefit you in many ways.

How to Set Up Leena Launcher?

  • Search Leena Desktop UI in the Play Store search bar. Open the first app. Click install.
  • Open the app and allow its access to photos, media and files of your device.
  • On the right hand corner of the screen you will see Settings. Open it and set everything according to your preference.
  • Use multi-window mode to get an incredible multitasking experience. 

Andromium OS

Andromium Operating System was launched as a failed campaign in 2014 but as time passed it became one of the best OS. It gives you a desktop feel without any prominent efforts. You just have to install the app and your phone appears as a mini PC without any complex setups or anything else. Moreover, you can control your smart phone with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. So, multi-tasking has become easier with this application. Despite its incredible features Andromium OS is totally free of cost. You can install it from the Play Store. It is in its beta phase right now.

How to Set Up Andromium OS?

  • Search Andromium OS in the Play Store search bar. Install the first app that appears in this list.
  • Permit App Usage Access and then tap OK.
  • Give permission to Notification. 
  • Andromium OS starts working.
  • Enjoy desktop on a mini Android device.

Ubuntu Touch

If you are a fan of Linux OS and want it on your smartphone then you should install Ubuntu Touch into your Android. It will be activated right after your phone is connected to an external display. There are several pre-installed tools (including LibreOffice) as well.

DeX Mode on Samsung Devices

If you are a Samsung user then you are lucky to have Desktop mode in your device. With Note 8, Galaxy 8 and later models the devices have DeX mode. You can activate this mode from the notification bar and you will be directed to the Desktop environment.

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