Top 5 Data Sharing Apps for Android Phone

Whether you want to transfer images to your friend’s phone or you are sending an audio file, Bluetooth is no longer an option. There are a lot of reasons behind that. Bluetooth shares your files very slowly. It can even take hours and hours. You cannot transfer files of large size. There is less security when you use Bluetooth to transfer files as it uses Radiofrequency to operate. Your phone consumes more battery when the Bluetooth is on.
To resolve all these issues different data-sharing apps were created. The ideal feature of all these apps is that they transfer files at a very high speed. These apps are more secure than Bluetooth.

  1. Shareit
    With over 10 billion installs Shareit is one of the best data sharing app for your android. It has a very easy-to-use interface. You can transfer any type of data including images, files, videos, and apps.
    Everything is done wirelessly so no cables or devices are needed. At the moment Shareit is available for both Apple and Android OS and Windows as well.
    Moreover, you can also enjoy yourself while transferring files. You can listen to your favorite music and watch videos.
    You can install the app for Android from the play store for free. All you have to do is connect your phone with the receiver’s phone and start sending data. It will be transferred at the speed of 20 Mbs which is incredibly faster than Bluetooth 200 times. You can also share your data with multiple people at the same time through the Multishare feature.
  2. Zapya
    Like Shareit, Zapya is one of the most popular and indeed the best data-sharing Android app. However, it is more user-friendly. You can share pdf files, images, audio, videos, and much more through this app. It allows you to view your favorite video or audio content through the search bar. It has its own media player where you can open received videos and other media. Zapya is much lightweight for your smartphone as it occupies only 10 MB only. This app has all the features of SHAREit. The difference is only in the user interface. You can choose any of these apps according to your choice and preference.
  3. Files By Google
    Google never disappoints us in any field. This app by Google is also classic. It provides the facility of sharing files at the amazing speed of 480 Mbps, leaving every other data-sharing app behind. You can share the data both online and offline. It allows you to encrypt files in the Safe Folder to hide them from general users of your device. You can do a lot more through this app like deleting junk files, viewing hidden files, backing up data, and even extracting ZIP files. So this platform is a huge package to manage different sorts of things to save time and energy. In short, it is similar to AirDrop.
  4. Xender
    Xeder transfers your files at the speed of 40Mb per second. If you bought a new phone and want to transfer all the data of the old phone to your new one then Xedra is there to assist you. No matter what size of files you want to send to the receiver you can share it through this app. You do not need any internet connection to transfer data through Xender. It has a file manager feature where you can manage all the data by moving, viewing, or deleting it. It supports all famous operating systems notably Android, iOS, and windows. You can share files to your pc fastly. Its three million-plus users prove that this app is completely safe and secure to use.
  5. EasyShare
    As by name you can guess that this app is designed to share data conveniently. It is a platform where you can share unlimited data with your colleagues even without internet or mobile data. It is way faster than Bluetooth. You can transfer any type of file for instance media, mobile apps and the list goes on. Even heavy games like PUBG can be shared through it wirelessly. It supports almost every Android device. The files keep on transferring even when the phone is locked. It is so user-friendly that anyone with little knowledge of software can use it. Moreover, it occupies just 19 MB of the phone’s storage. There are more than 100 million users of this app right now.

Latest data sharing sites are equipped with other innovative options like file manager, cleaner, search engine, media player, and entertainment. Above all, no app requires a cable or any other device to transfer data. Features of every app are almost the same. The difference is in the user interface. So you can choose any of these best data sharing apps according to your choice and preference.

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