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List of Top 10 Online play Action Games for Android Devices

by Amanetali44
Top 10 Online play Action Games for Android Devices

Among all types of games, action games hold the most appeal. You can test your reflexes and wit while playing them because they get the blood flowing. The best action games hold your interest from beginning up until the end.

There are dozens of different Android action games on the market, but these 10 stand out. Boys have always enjoyed action games because they emphasize their ability to coordinate and react. Also, action games make up some of the best gaming categories since they require concentration and thinking to play.

Our 10 Top Picks for Android

Here are top ten action games for android devices:

PUBG Mobile

Mobile gamers have probably played or heard about this game if they are into mobile gaming. How does PUBG differ from other games? Your goal is to survive after showing up in an abandoned area with 99 other players, acquiring weapons, and killing enemies.

In addition, four-man squads can be formed or duos can collaborate. The objective of PUBG Mobile is clear, nevertheless, the striking visuals, the unique live-or-die setting, and the massive arsenal of weapons and add-ons make it a truly unique experience.

Free Fire

A maximum of 50 players can participate in the game. Each player enters a plane that flies over the island when they join a game. The players can jump wherever they want on the plane while it is flying over the island. They can pick an advantageous landing spot to avoid enemies. Once they have landed, the players will have to keep their eyes open for weapons and utility tools.

Call of Duty Mobile

This is a great online shooter for its wide range of features. This game boasts excellent graphics and gameplay, and there are several PVP modes. In anticipation of Call of Duty Mobile’s global release, a lot of hype surrounded it throughout its beta.

With a rating so high, Call of Duty mobile was rushed into the market faster than ever before. Thanks to Tencent Games’ involvement, the game has been successful. The game is so popular that you can begin a game immediately, whether you are wishing to play casually or if you want to challenge more experienced players.


It is a great game. To survive, you must kill the maximum number of opponents within a given time or survive until you are the only player left alive. The building is the main distinguishing factor between Fortnite and all other Battle Royale games. Players can smash trees, houses, and cars to snipe, using them as cover for sniping as they progress in the game.

In To The Dead

In the beginning, you are dropped into a zombie world where you will need to survive. Your only concern should be ensuring that you remain alive, moving quickly, and taking whatever measures you may need to protect yourself. Once you see the dead rising, run! The game also features intense gameplay and stunning graphics. Additionally, it can be played on tablets.

ShadowGun Legends

In addition to being among the best games of its genre, Shadowgun Legends is fun to play. Though the graphics and the gameplay are incredible, the weapons are fairly straightforward. In Shadowgun, a free action shooter game for Android was created and released. A deadly alien invader threatens humanity in Shadowgun Legends, a sci-fi adventure. This game has a variety of missions, a vast variety of settings, and a deep story development that makes it a must-play.

Modern Combat 5

By shooting terrorists, downing helicopters, sniping your way past enemies riding water jets and more, you can lead your team to glory. You can choose from nine different classes of enemies. Choose from a wide range of classes or go all-out.

Dead Cells

To reach the end of the game, you must move along different levels. You will also be kept tapping the screen by a variety of challenges, gameplay, and environments. With no in-app purchases and a single price tag, players have customizable controls and a hardware controller interface to choose from.

Ailment and Endurance

Top-down shooter, Ailment is an old-school classic. You can choose between multiple weapons and play multiplayer. It’s best suited for older children. Nevertheless, the graphics are charming, and the game isn’t hard to play. The action here keeps flowing in all its retro glory.


If you just want a shooter without a complex storyline, Xenowerk is the easiest game on this list. In Xenowerk, players search for 5 alien territories across 5 planets, which are populated by bloodthirsty and gruesome creatures. You need only move, aim, and shoot when you see the alien’s heat signature. That sounds like a fun challenge. The game consists of 70 levels.

Final Thoughts:

All of the games mentioned above are examples of top Android action games. A few of them can be played on Computers and Xboxes as well.

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