Top 10 Apps Important for Your Android Phone in 2021

Smartphones are now a necessity for every person. Whether you are a student, a businessman, or a sports player you cannot manage to live a life without this mini gadget that you call mobile phones. Everything is now accessible through the internet and you can do a lot with this facility. In this global village, you can become smarter if you use your Android phones innovatively. Confused, how? No worries! Here we have gathered the 10 best Android apps that are surely going to make your life easier than before. These apps keep you safe from extra stress that you may put on while dealing with different matters.

1. Google Assistant

Like Siri and Alexa, Google Assistant is also an artificial intelligence app that is truly your personal assistant. It is best for the people with hectic routines. You can do a lot with this incredible app. Turn the lights on and off, control heating and AC. You can also get notified about the working of every house chore device by which you attached this app. Moreover, you can connect this app to your Cars, TV and smart devices to have power over different things through your android.

2. Lightroom

With the help of this photo editing app anyone can become professional. It has thousands of presets that allow you to turn your gloomy photos into classy ones. This app contains every option that is required to alter photos on a proficient level. Get access to more advanced features of this mind-blowing app by purchasing a premium account that is relatively cheaper than other editors like Photoshop.

3. Adobe Scans

To save your precious time, you should move to Adobe Scans where you can convert image texts to pdf. You can scan any image through this app and it will be converted to a test document. You can switch the scan type to exactly cover the desired text from the image.

4. Audible

Smartphones have taken us far away from books. But what if you get access to a massive variety of audio books through your android device? Wouldn’t that save your time as well? Audible is the app that you can use not only to read books but also to listen to favorite volumes. You can listen to books while you are in your car on the way to work.

5. Grammarly

If you also have trouble speaking English then Grammarly is there to solve this problem. It is an android app that corrects spelling mistakes, tenses and parts of speech in your texts. It detects the tone of the paragraph and tells how optimistic, friendly, admiring or confident it is. Content writers can check plagiarism of articles and proofread the documents through the premium features of this app. Hence it is time to impress your colleagues with your English.

6. Google Fit

In the era when everything can be done through smart tools it has become intricate to stay fit and active. Google Fit provides you the facility to keep yourself healthy. It has specialists that observe your progress. Google Fit tracks your heart rate, calories burned and other such factors. It is a user-friendly app and you should definitely have it on your mobile phone to identify what type of life you are living.

7. Headspace

This pandemic has aroused stress in every house. Staying at home for a long time made people anxious and frazzled. Headspace is the most recent most downloaded app. It is basically a meditation app that makes you relax and stress-free. You get daily reminders for mindful workouts. You can also follow sleep techniques whenever you are unable to sleep. This app also tells your progress through the stats feature. So, download it now to unwind yourself from the hustle bustle of the world.

8. eBay

Online shopping is becoming popular day by day. It saves time and money that may require for transport when you shop physically. That is why you should have eBay on your smartphone. You can find products by filtering the searches according to your preference, add desired products in your wish-list and report the products. Moreover, like other similar apps say Amazon you can also read customer reviews to check whether the product and the seller are reliable or not.

9. Google Docs

Google docs is an alternative for MS word. You should use it for writing on an Android phone because it is easier to use than any other app. Just choose the relevant template and start writing. You can create headers, change fonts, check spelling and grammar, do voice typing and much more in the app. It allows you to view and write documents offline as well.

10. Microsoft Outlook

It is a masterpiece by Microsoft to save your time. Here you can schedule emails and classify them according to your partiality. You can also allocate your calendar with your colleagues so that they may schedule the events after viewing your availability.

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