5 Best Media Player’s for Android You Must Try This

5 Best Media player's

Media Player apps are among the most crucial apps an Android Device needs. What else will allow you to watch movie’s or play music videos? What even is the use of an Android phone if you cannot watch mp4 videos or play mp3 audio’s on them better than on a silly feature phone’s? There are … Read more

6 TikTok Alternative You Can Use Now | Apps Like Tiktok

6 tiktoks alternatives

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Tiktok has now become very popular as people are trapped in the houses and have used many social networking applications to create short dances, songs, lip synchronizations, comedy videos and more. Tiktok has given the creators of unpopular media toPlatform and converted them into Internet Superstars.But what are your alternatives? … Read more

5 Tips To Increase Your Android Smartphone’s Speed

Increase Your Android Smartphone’s Speed

Here is an anecdote that lot of people are familiar with. Your Andoid phone is loaded with wonderful apps which seem to be multiplying daily and finding answers to all your problems. But at the same time, loads of them seem to be crashing, the phone appears to “slow down” and you don’t know what to … Read more

List of Most played Games in 2021 | by Player Count

Most played video games in 2021

Gaming culture has improved a lot in recent years. Despite their potential to make you addicted and negatively affect your health, video games can be beneficial too. Playing games turns you into a problem solver and a better person socially. They stimulate your physical and mental functions. It doesn’t matter what the genre of the … Read more

Best Reminder Apps for Android Phone

Best Reminder Apps for Android Phone

Reminder apps are those apps which help one to remind about important events, dates, occasions, tasks etc. These apps are very handy and almost everyone who has a Smartphone has atleast one of these apps. The following are the top 10 reminder apps for Android: Google Keep This is an excellent reminder app available on … Read more

Top 10 Free Photoshop Alternatives

Are you looking for free Photoshop alternatives ? Here you can see some free photo editing software which come with tons of image editing features like Photoshop. These free software can be installed on your Windows PC free of cost. Some of these image editing software are totally free and some are free trail version. … Read more