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Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone Easily in Few Steps

by Amanetali44
Recover Deleted Files in Android Phone Easily in Few Steps

Android phones have become a part of life. As a human we rely too much on Smart Phones. We enjoy watching our favorite videos, playing games and chatting with friends. There are hundreds of tasks that can be done through your Smartphone. They keep all the data including photos, images, videos, documents and notes. Some data is unnecessary like random selfies. But some information can be extremely important e.g., office files. Sometimes it happens that you delete all the data including important documents in your Android phone mistakenly. And then you need that data on an urgent basis. In this case you only have an option of recovery.

Recover Deleted Data from Android Phone

Do not be sad if you accidentally deleted the data in your Android phone. Here are some tips to retrieve the lost data: First of all it is recommended not to turn on airplane mode. You should also avoid taking selfies and Installing anything.

Retrieving Data from Trash

Nowadays, the latest smart phones have the option of a recycle bin or trash where all the recently deleted files are kept for approximately thirty days. So if you accidentally delete your photos or any folders  do not hustle. Immediately go to the recycle bin or trash in your file manager. If your files are not deleted permanently you will definitely find all the deleted files there. Restore them and these will appear at the places where they were stored.

Recovering Files from Google

If you have saved your files in Google Drive then it is convenient for you to get back deleted data. Google Photos also has a trash option where deleted photos are kept for 60 days. Even if the photos are deleted from Google Photos there is a chance that they remain in Google Drive. So you should check both.

Retrieving Data on a New Android Phone

If you have changed your phone and want all the data in your new phone do not worry. It can be retrieved on your new Android easily. It is super easy. When you set up the Google account in your new phone that you are also using in the previous phone all the data will be retrieved and appear in your new phone. Photos in Google Photos will appear automatically. For the rest of the media and documents you should follow on-screen setup. Even the apps that you use in the previous phone will be Installed in the new phone with one click. Do not forget to set up a backup in whatever the phone you use. Your data would not get lost even if you delete it from the gallery. It will be saved in the backup that you can restore whenever you want. It is important to mention here that you would not be able to restore data from a higher android version to the lower android version.

Apps to Recover Deleted Files      

Besides taking the help of Google or phone’s cloud storage it is recommended to use any app to retrieve all the data. There are some apps that are rated higher by the users. Let’s have a look at them.


Dumpster is one of the most Installed data recovery apps. It works best with rooted Android. It works as a recycle bin for your smart phone. Install the Dumpster app from Play Store. It is completely free to use. Once the app is Installed it will start detecting all the deleted files and media of your phone. These will appear in the recycle bin option. Click on the photo you want to restore and it will be restored in your gallery. Isn’t it useful? Dumpster can restore other file types including videos, PDFs, documents and even apps. We recommend you to keep this app in your phone as a backup. It will keep a check of all your deleted data and allow you to restore whenever you want.


Recuva comes in the race to recover data in your pc. If you have files in the SD card of your phone and these are accidentally deleted. There is still an option. Take the SD card from your Android and attach it to the PC. Open Recuva and select the location of your memory card. Select the file type that can either be media (pictures, music, and videos) or documents. If you are confused just go for other option. Now the software will automatically detect all the deleted files that you can restore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is deleted data in Android phones recoverable?

Yes, it is recoverable through different apps or already enabled options.

Does Dumpster app really work?

Yes Dumpster app works. You just have to Install it from Play Store and it will retrieve all the lost data in its recycle bin.

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