WhatsApp may soon allow messaging with smart glasses

Monday, 18 April 2022 (1 month ago) 20 views
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Ray-Ban Stories Users will soon be able to talk to themselves smart glasses to send WhatsApp Message without taking out your smartphone.

A new APK teardown for WhatsApp Android The app shows that this feature may become a reality in the coming days. However, this feature will be locked for Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, as it seems to be an exclusive feature for Facebook Assistant.

According to a report by XDA Developers, data suggesting this feature was seen in the latest WhatsApp beta Data seen by some users hints at a feature being developed for directing messages through Facebook Assistant to a specific wearable line.

The data mentions only one assistant, however, the report claims that it is probably talking about the Facebook assistant and not the assistant developed by it.

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The report mentions that this upcoming feature will allow Ray-Ban Stories users to direct messages into the microphone on the smart glasses.

Users will be able to message a friend on WhatsApp while walking down the street without even touching their phone as they can instruct Facebook Assistant to do the same.

The report also mentions graphics that include smart glasses and the WhatsApp logo, apart from the strings of codes discovered in the teardown.

The use of this feature will be very specific and could help Ray-Ban Stories transform the wearables market. meta Facebook will use Assistant over any other third-party services because it wants to in-house some of its WhatsApp features.

However, the APK teardown is not an official confirmation as not all the features seen on the beta versions make it to the final release.

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