WhatsApp is rolling out a new privacy feature for disappearing chats, but why it might not really work

Friday, 8 April 2022 (1 month ago) 21 views
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New Delhi: WhatsApp A new update for its disappearing messages feature is rolling out. The update appears to be aimed at fixing a big problem with the feature — the automatic saving of media.According to a report in WABetaWhatsApp users will soon be unable to automatically save media files from disappearing chats.

Disappearing chats are designed for messages that are set to disappear after a certain amount of time to protect user privacy. However, as of now, users can automatically save the media shared in these messages.

This means users can automatically save media in their phone’s photo gallery so that chats don’t disappear. However, WhatsApp now restricts the download of disappearing media to make it more secure and private.The changes will roll out to WhatsApp users on both platforms apple iOS and android in the days to come.

WhatsApp on Android will automatically disable the Media Visibility option to disappear chats. On iOS, the “Save to Camera Roll” feature will be disabled. This will restrict recipients from automatically saving any images, videos, or GIFs to their phone gallery so the chat doesn’t disappear. For disappearing chats, these automatic options will be turned off by default.

However, while the update fixes the autosave issue, it may not fully save the issue. Because users can still manually save media in disappeared chats by enabling the mode.

Some users on some Android versions already have the option to save media manually. On WhatsApp for iOS, users can save media the way they want. This means that while media in a disappeared chat won’t be automatically saved, it can still be saved.

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