What is APK, APKs, and OBB Files

Monday, 21 March 2022 (2 months ago) 64 views
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This article would like to provide all readers with detailed instructions on downloading and installing games and apps on TakeAPK.com. If this is your first time visiting a website or you do not have the fundamental knowledge of Android OS, please read the content carefully given below because it is really useful. Besides, we will explain APK, APKs, OBB Files and the things around them. Also, we will show you how to install a game or app from outside the Play Store.

The concepts

We will talk about APKs, APKs, and OBB files. These are the file forms you must use to install games and applications from sources outside the Play Store.


About APK

APK stands for the English phrase “Android application package”. It is a compressed file format similar to ZIP, based on JAR format and uses the * .apk extension.

To make it easier to understand, we give you a simple example. You need to download its installation file when you want to install something on Windows. Then, it has the “.exe” format. It is also similar to Android. But instead of the .exe file format, you need to install the file in the * APK format. Typically, when you install an app on the Play Store, the installation takes place automatically. Users press “install” and wait for it to complete. However, if you want to install a mod or patched version of the application, you must use an APK file.


About APKs

APKs is a new format. With the appearance of the Android App Bundle, releasing and optimizing apps on Play Store has become a lot easier for developers. However, it makes it users impossible to export and share APK files as usual. Instead, it would be best if you used APKs. An APKs file is a collection of many different APK files. For example, if you want to install the app Swiftkey Mod, your download file will consist of 4 small APK files. You will receive an error message no matter which single APK file you install.

Installing APKs files is also more complicated than installing APK. You need to use a 3rd party application. We recommend SAI (Split APKs Installer), the most powerful APKs file installation and export tool today.


About OBB File

OBB is another advanced part of the game or application. It contains collections of different files such as sound, graphics, script. Some games require OBB to work, and some are not. Generally, OBB files are big and need an appropriate tool to decompress. If you regularly download and install heavy games, you will encounter OBB files regularly.

Besides, it is easy to use the OBB file. You do not need to install it as an APK or APKs file. You move it to the required folder to ensure the game can work properly.


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