Twitter is testing this new feature for Apple iPhone users

Saturday, 23 April 2022 (4 weeks ago) 19 views
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Twitter has announced that it is testing a new feature for Apple iPhone users that will allow them to toggle captions on or off with a single button.

According to the company, soon this feature will be rolled out for Android users as well. The company announced the move in a tweet from its official handle.

It’s now easier for some of you to choose “Video Captions or No Captions, on iOS and soon on Android. In videos that have captions available, we’re going to add the option to toggle captions off/on with a new “CC” button Testing. Tweet reads.

According to the video shared by the platform, if the feature is rolled out, users will be able to see a new ‘CC’ button in the top right corner of the video. It’s worth noting that the button will only be available on videos that have captions enabled.

Earlier this month, Twitter also introduced a new Accessibility feature that will help users better understand the content in an image.

With the new feature, users can see an option in the lower right corner of the screen. By tapping on it, users can see the image description.

Adding image descriptions allows people who are blind, have low vision, use assistive technology, live in areas with low bandwidth, or with cognitive disabilities to contribute to Twitter.

Twitter is also working on a new feature that will allow users to edit tweets once they have been posted. The company will initially test this feature only for Twitter Blue users.

Netizens first took the company’s announcement as a joke as it was shared on April Fool’s Day. However, the company later elaborated on its plans regarding the feature.

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