Tips for Overcoming Slow Android Without Applications

Wednesday, 9 March 2022 (2 months ago) 110 views
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Tips for Overcoming Slow Android Without Applications – For Android fans , maybe Android has been like a friend of life. Everywhere, you certainly ca n’t stay away from the name Android. Well, but what if your Android suddenly becomes slow very slow? All of your online activities would be disrupted right? Over time , of course you can also be annoyed because this problem. However , don’t worry . In the following, we can present a trick to overcome a slow Android without using the application . What are the ways? Check out the following.

Don’t  G  Widget Excessive:

Widgets do have functions that make it easier for us to get to the desired application with just one touch. However , too many widgets can actually reduce Android performance which causes Android to be slow. So , those of you who like to install a lot of widgets on the homescreen, you should just delete it.

Don’t Use  A  Launcher:

Yes, the application of the launcher can really make the appearance of your Android even more attractive and delicious . However , the use of the application of the launcher in fact hampers the performance of Android. This element is caused by mismatching the launcher application settings with your Android , so it takes up a lot of memory capacity. Well , this factor can makes Android slow .

Delete Unwanted Apps:

The absolute advantage of Android is that it has a lot of applications that you can download for free on the PlayStore. Well, that’s what makes you install a lot on your Android. However , if there is too much on your Android , of course it can eat up memory capacity and become an important cause of Android slowing down . Until then, choose which ones you don’t rarely wear you need . What you do n’t need , just uninstall it so that your Android can breathe a sigh of relief.

Turn off Live Wallpaper:

Who likes to use Live Wallpaper. It’s true that you can beautify your appearance . However , live wallpaper will create memory & battery waste. , just turn off this feature .

Restart Android Phone:

Android is slow because it is rarely restarted. Well, you can restart your Android now too . Oh yes, you can also restart after carrying out the steps mentioned earlier .

So, those are some  tips for overcoming slow Android without an application , so many and hopefully useful for all of you~

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