Instagram lowers creator spend on Reels, raises monetization target metric

Saturday, 9 April 2022 (1 month ago) 19 views
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Instagramit consists of meta platformwhich is said to lower creator payouts while increasing target metrics for monetization of the network.

According to the Financial Times, a global business daily, creators’ cost-per-view has dropped by as much as 70%, while videos require millions of views.

According to the creators, the changes to the payment system were not disclosed by the company. According to the Financial Times, the personalization threshold for creators to earn up to $35,000 has been raised from 58 million to 359 million.

Meta says it’s being tested reel Bonuses on Instagram and Facebook, which can cause payouts to “fluctuate” until the pricing model is updated.

Last July, Instagram launched the “Reels Play Bonus Programme,” which rewards creators who post content on Instagram’s Reels. Tik TokStyle short video clone. TikTok and Snapchat have created similar pools of money to distribute as they battle to maintain producers on their platforms.


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