Greaves Electric Mobility joins Mesha Energy to improve EV battery technology

Wednesday, 13 April 2022 (1 month ago) 21 views
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Chennai, April 12 (Pacific Time) Greaves Electric VehicleElectric vehicle division of Greaves Cotton Ltd, signs an agreement with battery technology company Meisha Energy Solutions The company said, Private Limited. In a statement here, Greaves Electric Mobility said that through this association, the company aims to improve battery technology and expand its reach for products in its portfolio.

bangalore mesh Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd is an energy storage technology company and a 100% subsidiary of Mesha, Inc., USA.

“…this collaboration with the company is part of our strategy to create a favorable and strong electric car ecosystem. Furthermore, to deliver on our commitment to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in India, our partnership with Mesha will help deliver higher performance through advanced battery technology solutions…” said Ram Rajappa CTO Greaves Electric Mobility.

Mesha Energy Solutions has patented solutions that provide faster charging and longer life cycles. Their approach doubles the charging speed, providing fewer distractions and a more comfortable ride.

“…We are excited about our partnership with Greaves Electric Mobility as the company’s extensive network will help us deliver our solutions to millions of people, creating stronger integrations for Indian and international markets ,” said Kannankote Sriram of Mesha, Inc, Mesha Energy Solution board member and founder.

Through this partnership, Greaves Electric Mobility strengthens its presence in electric vehicle batteries and is well-positioned to provide its electric vehicle customers with a better driving experience.

Greaves Electric Mobility has made several initiatives in the electric vehicle sector in the country, including: the acquisition of electric tricycles Bestway (electric rickshaws), MLR Auto (electric vehicles), a multi-brand electric vehicle retail store format, and a launch statement, the company added. The largest EV factory in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu.


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