Google Meet can automatically remove users from empty calls

Friday, 8 April 2022 (1 month ago) 19 views
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Google A new update will be released soon for Workspace users that will allow them to avoid certain situations.The tech giant rolled out two new improvements Google meetup. First, users can now log out of meetings when they are the only users left and a centralized host management location. Being the only person left in a Google Meet meeting room can be annoying for users in an empty digital space.

Starting April 11, these upcoming features will be added to all Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business along with personal Google Accounts. However, it may take up to 15 days for these changes to reflect to all users.

The first update sent a notification to users asking if they wanted to stay or leave when they were the only ones left in the meeting for five minutes. If the user does not respond after two minutes, they will be booted from the meeting.

The second improvement takes the moderator and co-moderator controls and moves all options to one spot under the Moderator Controls menu, which was previously scattered around. This will provide a more intuitive experience for hosts and co-hosts of Google Meet meetings.

Google claims the improvement will make it easier for users to manage meeting settings. Users no longer need to navigate between settings menus. This improvement promises to make leading and participating in meetings more efficient, as it will allow users to easily share screens and join or leave meetings at the right time.


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