Google is updating the Chrome Web Store with this new feature to help users find high-quality extensions

Thursday, 21 April 2022 (4 weeks ago) 28 views
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Google working on improving Chrome Web Store By clearing out the clutter, and adding better privacy and security. Now, it appears that the company is planning to implement a way to help users find high-quality extensions for the web browser.

In that effort, the company introduced a new badge in the chrome Web Store. The new badge will be named Featured and as reported by 9to5Google, the extension with the Featured badge will have better quality the extension has been evaluated by members of the Chrome team and also follows technical best practices.

According to the report, extensions with the Featured Badge will also follow the privacy guidelines to provide better privacy and security. In addition, they will be based on the company’s latest APIs.

Also, these badges will appear in blue color just below the extension’s title, and hovering above it will reveal more details about the app and the developer of that particular extension.

A Chrome extension developer can get featured badging by submitting your extension for review from the support page under My Items -> I want to nominate my extension.

However, the badge and review submission process isn’t live on the store yet and Google hasn’t revealed the exact timeline when users will start seeing featured badges in the Chrome Web Store.

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