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Are you looking for Microsoft 365 backup? Good luck because it doesn’t exist. So do you need to bring your backup solution? You are in the right place. So this isn’t something you need to worry about too much.
If you need to backup for Office 365, you need to consider what you’d use as backups. I’m going to talk through five scenarios where traditionally you’d rely on a backup, and I’ll also going to tell you what Microsoft Office can and can’t do about it. After that, what I think the answer is. And finally, tell you what Microsoft said.
Thinking about time you might rely on a backup, one of the first things to spring to mind is recovering from a physical failure or disaster. Now the good news is you’ve outsourced this problem to Microsoft. They are worrying about infrastructure and facilities. That’s their problem. They have service level agreements, and it’s up to them to make sure they meet them.
Another common reason people use backups is to revert the data to a previous point in time. That could be to undo a mistake or see what a document looks like before some changes happen. Looking at Microsoft Office 365 options for SharePoint, you have version history. This is a lot more convenient. It’s end-user accessible with that enabled.

Backup with Barracuda

As you begin your journey to Office 365, you will be joining millions of users and organizations worldwide. The transition from on-premises productivity suites to a cloud-based or hybrid model doesn’t come without its challenges, and getting to the cloud may be more challenging than you think. Barracuda Solutions for Office 365 can make the whole process quick and easy while ensuring your Office 365 environment is robust and productive. Prepare your data for Office 365 using Barracuda Message Archival and PST Enterprise, enabling you to identify legacy data and determine how you want users to access it from Office 365. Prepare your network with our next-generation firewalls that allow for easy, centralized management of distributed networks while helping you manage your Internet usage by optimizing business-critical traffic.

Barracuda Backup microsoft 365

When using the baseline Exchange online Protection in Office 365, there’s no built-in protection against damaging phishing and zero-day email attacks, which can be added by deploying Barracuda Spam firewalls or email security service. Organizations often require a secure, archived copy of their data for compliance and regulatory requirements. Barracuda Archiving solutions help by segregating compliance data from operational data by keeping it in a separate, secure environment. This gives you complete control, ownership, and access at all times with granular retention policies and easy-to-use search and Discovery features. Saas and cloud-hosted environments like Office 365 and OneDrive for Business do a fantastic job securing data against physical loss, but they can’t protect against human failures.

Barracuda’s Cloud to Cloud Backup lets you automate and manage regular backups for Office 365 and OneDrive for Business so you can quickly and easily locate and restore lost items to their host Microsoft applications. To find out more about Barrack Solutions for Office 365, visit Office 365 today.

microsoft 365 backup solution

Backup with Veeam

You recently moved to Office 365, and you’re probably feeling pretty good about your decision. Never again will you have to patch that Exchange server or manage SharePoint. All that sounds great, but many items. Its pros are missing one major vulnerability in data protection. Your Office 365 data isn’t backed up. It’s not Microsoft’s responsibility to back it up.

It’s yours. That’s right. Even though your business-critical data sits in the cloud, you still need to back up your data. If you don’t, you could fall victim to significant data loss through accidental deletion security threats and be out of compliance with your retention policy. What two significant technologies help you protect data replication and backup in Office 365?

Veeam Backup for microsoft 365

Microsoft takes care of your replication, but they don’t back up your data proper data backup, a separate copy of your data stored on different media that you have complete control of and access to. Remember, back when you were patching Exchange on Premises, did you backup that Exchange server? Of course, you did. Those same core data protection principles still apply in Office 365. With Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, you can mitigate the risk of losing access to your Office 365 data, letting you store your backup well anywhere you want, either on Premises in a cloud-like Azure or AWS or with the help of a service provider, giving you peace of mind that critical Exchange, SharePoint OneDrive and Microsoft 365 is all protected and quickly restored over 750.

The pros have made the right choice to protect their Office 365 data with Veeam. Will you be next? Veeam is the number one choice for Office 365 backup. Visit for more information.

Backup with Carbonite

Carbonite, Developed by information management leader OpenText, specializes in data protection from creation use to omission. They protect the data lifecycle of more than 100,000 short businesses worldwide. Carbonite Backup for M365 is their data backup solution created to provide comprehensive backup and disaster recovery abilities for Microsoft’s full suite of 365 applications. Deployed and integrated through Microsoft Active Directory, Carbonite’s solution allows administrators to recover entire zones and perform granular file-level recovery, including email contacts.

Backup Solutions for Office 365 Carbonite

Carbonite Backup for Microsoft365 runs automatically to perform incremental backups and protect each user’s Microsoft 365 cloud data. The backed-up data is encrypted and documented to a specific secondary instance in Microsoft Azure. These backups are automatically performed up to four times a day. Administrators can control backups from a secure web-based dashboard to access backup knowledge, audit reports, APIs, and exports and configure role-based access.

Data can be recovered quickly and easily using Carbonite’s simple tracking feature, which allows managers to recover based on fields such as user, subject line, and content type. Finally, the solution includes 24/7 onboarding and recovery support from Carbonite’s technical team, which other vendors may typically charge extra. Carbonite Backup for M365 covers all SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Exchange, Classes, Planner data, and public folders.

Backup with Acronis

Acronis Backup solutions deliver robust, easy-to-use, unified data protection and disaster recovery for multisystem environments. Here’s how. Acronis Backup 11.7 takes the answer to the next level, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Smbs Acronis Backup 11.7 combines higher performance, quality, and reliability with new features that make the buying and upgrade process seamless and easy, including a simple step up to the future. Acronis Backup Twelve Solution Back up more data, more systems, and more business with new and improved storage technologies to duplicate up to 24 times more data with the same amount of Ram with new variable block size to duplication back up more remote systems with built-in backup Wan Optimization 40% Faster restore means lower RTO and costs of downtime reliable support of physical Windows and Linux PCs and servers, virtual systems and applications.

Microsoft office Backup with Acronis

Backup with Druva

Today, your data, applications, and infrastructure are spread across data centers, creating silos that limit access, increase cost and hinder innovation. That’s why so many organizations move their data and applications to the cloud. Cloud protects your data in this new environment. Whether it’s in the cloud transitioning to the cloud or still stored on-premises, Druva is the data protection platform that not only simplifies your move to the cloud but helps you unleash your data’s potential once you get there. With Druva, all your information is encrypted end to end, so your move to the cloud is seamless and secure. Once you’re there and free from the constraints of physical hardware, you can scale up or down without having to worry about buying more machines or wasting the ones you have, saving you time and money.


Druva provides the same level of data protection performance that you expect from on-premises solutions. But it’s even better because instead of upgrading your hardware constantly, Druva automatically updates the platform with the latest features like Federated Search, allowing users to find any file across your entire organization quickly, and automated tiering, which makes the most frequently used data available on demand. While your cold least used data is moved into archive storage, which reduces your storage spend, and with our built-in analytics, you can discover patterns in your storage consumption that help you become even more efficient. Moving to the cloud is just the beginning. Having the protection, intelligence, and scalability to keep building once you get there.

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