Apple says more than 200 of its suppliers have more than doubled their clean electricity use over the past year

Thursday, 14 April 2022 (1 month ago) 23 views
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Apple announced that its suppliers has more than doubled its use of clean Power Compared to last year, out of about 16 GW of total commitments in the coming years, more than 10 GW is operational today.

According to the Cupertino-based tech giant, these renewable projects saved 13.9 million metric tons of carbon emissions in 2021.

Apple says it is continuously working with its global supply chain to accelerate clean-up and support its transition energy, To date, 213 of the head of the company Production The partners have pledged to power all Apple production in 25 countries with renewable electricity.

Dozens of new commitments announced today will accelerate progress toward becoming Apple’s 2030 goal of carbon-neutral throughout its supply chain. Apple has been carbon neutral in its global operations since 2020.

In addition to clean energy commitments made by 213 manufacturing partners, Apple says it is investing directly in renewable projects around the world, including about 500 MW of solar and in China and Japan to cover a portion of upstream emissions. Other renewable projects are included.

To assist businesses in their transition to clean power, Apple shares data and provides training materials with market-specific information. These resources have helped promote new clean energy solutions around the world.

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According to Apple, 11 new suppliers have made clean energy commitments in Europe in the past year, including Infineon, Viscom AG, and Lumileds, bringing the total to 25 European companies. In the US, Apple is investing directly in the 2,300-acre IP Radian Solar Project in Brown County, Texas.

The project is expected to generate 300 MW of electricity once construction is completed later this year. Apple made this investment to help address the power customers use to charge their Apple devices, which represent 22 percent of the company’s gross carbon footprint.

Apple’s suppliers with US operations are also committed to clean energy with new commitments from DuPont, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware; and Micron Technology, Inc., headquartered in Boise, Idaho, announced today. Apple suppliers Solvay and Corning are helping support some of the largest solar farms in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Apple says 23 new suppliers have joined the event in China last year. Nearly all of Apple’s top suppliers, headquartered in China, have committed to using clean energy for Apple production, with many building on-site solar, supporting the country’s transition to renewable energy.

In Japan, new clean energy options are emerging for businesses, as power purchase agreements become more available. Twenty new suppliers have committed to clean energy in Japan in the past year, including Kioxia Corporation and Sharp Corporation.

The tech giant said Nitto Denko and several other Apple suppliers have invested in on-site solar, and Keiwa is covering its Apple load with electricity from a wind project located outside Tokyo.

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