List of Most played Games in 2021 | by Player Count

Gaming culture has improved a lot in recent years. Despite their potential to make you addicted and negatively affect your health, video games can be beneficial too. Playing games turns you into a problem solver and a better person socially.

They stimulate your physical and mental functions. It doesn’t matter what the genre of the game is, the player gets a polished, thrilling experience through games.

Check out the 10 most played games in 2021.

Top 10 Games that Stand Out
These are the top 10 games played in 2021.

  1. Call of Duty
    Android phones, as well as PlayStation, can be used to play this game. The use of advanced mobility mechanics like wall-running and saber-running has become extinct.

There is still crouching and the ability to quickly burst through the door, adding a dramatic impact to entrances. Infinity Ward has plenty of freedom and flexibility to adapt and expand the story to reflect the real world as they see fit, given that the story takes place before Call Of Duty 4.

  1. Hitman 3
    Io Interactive’s development of complex, seamless levels for Hitman 3 confirms the developer’s growing expertise. Furthermore, Hitman 3 delivers some of the best missions in the series in addition to concluding the “World of Assassination” trilogy.

There’s something that makes every level a masterclass in level design, from the Bond-influenced Dubai level to the murder mystery Mission Dartmoor. This level is especially welcome due to its open-ended nature. It gives a sense of what the next generation of Hitman games may be like.

  1. Fortnite
    An unexpected game can generate widespread interest and captivate all of pop culture and audiences in one way or another when it defies expectations and succeeds in breaking down stereotypes and constraints. That is exactly what Fortnite did.

With two divergent game options, a variety of llama characters, and endless replayability, Epic Games is redefining what it means to be a live-service game. It’s always more enjoyable to play with friends than alone regardless of which mode you choose.

  1. Minecraft
    After being released for PC a couple of years ago, Minecraft has caught the world’s attention. Each year, the Minecraft Conference is held. There’s even a school curriculum for Minecraft. The Xbox Live game has now sold a million copies within days of launching.

There are trees scattered all over the field. You transform them into structures. Wood is mined to make the tools that allow a mansion to be constructed, for example. The mining process is both fun and creative, too. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Roblox
    Players can create avatars for themselves and may spend some digital money on houses to rent in Roblox’s online worlds. The game has been touted as an “immersive 3D world” by its makers. Furniture and decorations require real-life money with a quick accumulation of costs.

Children can also buy outfits to make their avatars look as cool as possible, which is a huge draw for the game. The pressure to spend more will sometimes come from fellow players if players don’t buy upgrades.

  1. Rush Rally 3
    A rally game must have an eminent sense of danger to compete with its asphalt-obsessed brethren. In addition to driving into an impassable wall and getting stuck in a tree, if things go wrong you can plummet off a cliff.

In Rush Rally 3, the balance between success and tragedy is a huge component of the thrill. Racing games can be frustrating if you lose out on quicker cars, but this game is about the track and a constantly ticking clock

  1. Mario
    As a result of this democratic process, Super Mario 3D World has been able to showcase everyone’s ideas. There are a series of playful ideas that pop up, illuminate a level or two, and then disappear yet again.
    There’s no better way to play the classic 2D and 3D Mario games than using Android phones. Throughout the game, the player is filled with joy as an endless reservoir of fun.
  2. PUBG
    While parachuting to an island with other players, the object of PUBG is to execute your plan and survive. As soon as players land, they search for weapons, ammunition, armor, etc., and a last-man-standing death-match follows. As the island map gradually shrinks due to the electrical storm, players are forced to join forces.
  3. Rocket League
    Cars continue to play soccer, but the ball has now grown so large that the cars can cruise along walls and briefly experience heights. The cars also can perform aerial acrobatics in addition to their magnificent shooting skills.

It erupts into colorful and noisy displays, during which cheering children and balloons, a tidal wave of fruit chunks and juice, or even the Grim Reaper dabbing the ball as it approaches, fill the air.

  1. Among Us
    Among Us is a game developed by Inner Sloth. Online, you can play it with friends and family members. A crewmate consists of four to ten teammates and one or two Imposters. This distinction is crucial, so be vigilant.

The members of your crew must perform various tasks onboard your spacecraft, and they must also determine which crewmates are Impostors. Imposters are increasing their attempts to kill your Crewmates and sabotage the mission.

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