List of Most Downloaded Games of 2021

Video games with violent graphics and heavy graphical effects are also prevalent online, which poses a possible concern for parents.

Every video game is assigned a content and age rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, so parents can determine if a game is appropriate for their child based on these ratings. Parents should remember that, in addition to video games, movies, TV, and the Internet are other places where children can be exposed to violence.

Listed below are the 5 most downloaded games by people in 2021.

5 Top Downloaded Games

Free Fire

Downloads of Garena Free Fire were the most. There is no Garena Free Fire listing in the App Store, although the game has so far been the second best-selling game of the year. A maximum of 50 players is supported in the game.

A plane will take players over the island when they join a game. Jump wherever the players please during the plane’s flight over the island. This lets them land away from enemies in a more strategic manner.

From there, they must head off to find weapons and utility items. Several items such as medical equipment, guns, grenades, and a wide variety of small arms can be found on the island.

Subway Surfers

For the first half of 2021, subway surfers ranked sixth among the most downloaded games on mobile platforms. According to the App Store and Google Play Store, Subway Surfers ranks seven among mobile downloads.

This game has been met with controversy since its release. A comparison has been made with Temple Run. A few have claimed that it is a better game. Temple Run grew stale over the years due to an increasing number of new games.

Ludo King

For the first half of 2021, the game ranked eighth in downloads. Although it is ranking highly on Google Play and the iOS stores, Ludo King falls below the tenth position on the iOS store. We will certainly be looking at a very interesting game today, LUDO STAR.

Over the last one hundred years, Ludo has been one of the most well-known board games in the world. Three players and four players can participate in the game. As they move their tokens across packages, gamers have a chance to complete the round.


There are relatively few exceptions to the range of features that PUBG Mobile has over its PC counterpart. As far as maps go, it offers only PUBG’s original Erangel – an abandoned, vaguely Eastern European island measuring 8 x 8 kilometers.

Almost everything found on the PC version of this map has made it to the Mobile version of the game – including the abandoned military base and nuclear power plant. In addition to earning experience and battle points through gameplay and daily login rewards, you may purchase crates that contain clothing for your character. It doesn’t take you long to find a pair of pants, unlike the PC version, because you don’t start with any clothing.

Candy Crush

Downloads of Candy Crush Saga in the first half of 2021 ranked ninth. Candy Crush Saga tops neither the Apple or Google Play Stores, but it holds the seventh spot on the App Store. It consists of making combinations of candy pieces having three or more colors.

During this game, candy pieces are swapped horizontally or vertically, and once a match is made, the candy disappears, which causes the adjacent pieces of candy to fall into the empty spaces. Occasionally, players are rewarded with additional points and power-ups when this occurs. In addition to the obstacles presented by the game, the game covers some candy in jelly that players must remove before they can match it.

There are more than 100 levels to play, which use varied goals and maps so that there is always something new for players to look forward to. Easy to learn, but challenging to master, the game is enjoyable and challenging to play.

After Thoughts:

In addition to those mentioned above, there are many more games that players like, but with the above-mentioned qualities, they are neutral and easy to play. As well as entertaining, they provide a wide range of experiences. There is always something fresh to discover. Generally, parents don’t see them as addictive, as they’re good but not addictive.

Their premium versions provide players the ability to unbox the more advanced capabilities offered by the designers. Even their basic gaming mode contains interesting content. Various games are very popular because they have a visually appealing interface.

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