How To Win At Free Fire And Get More Kills

Free Fire is a most downloading game 2021


For this strategy, use the trick in a dedicated cover game.

Get at least 2 kills with your gun

Some improvements to get one-shot kill

Best Objectives in Free Fire

It is worth mentioning that there are two main objectives in Free Fire. The first one is the elimination of at least 4 people at the same time. Some methods to achieve this objective include:

Bullets – since bullets are the most efficient means of killing people, this is the best way to be efficient in Free Fire

Super aims – since bullets are the most efficient means of killing people, this is the best way to be efficient in Free Fire

This method requires you to move out from your cover spot

The second objective in the game is to get a kill with the last weapon you have on you.


Never miss a target!

Don’t bother with capturing or clearing a zone, just survive and move on to the next zone as fast as you can.

You have only 24 seconds to pick your weapons and grab your first shot, which will cost you 2 seconds of time.

If you run away from the enemy or turn your back to it, you will automatically become the zombie, you will be given a second life and you can pick up your gun from wherever you left it.

Different weapons require different stats. You can choose from 9 firearms at the beginning. The class ability (E.g. Rifleman), the amount of ammunition that you carry and the number of magazines you carry affects the effectiveness of your firearm.

If you want to aim at your enemy’s head, make sure you use the sniper rifle.

Plan your moves

The best way to win at ‘Free Fire’ is to carefully plan your moves before you actually begin to shoot.

This is because when you’re shooting someone you’ll have a limited amount of time to deal them with, so it’s best not to rush into action without thinking.

It is also vital to be aware of the floor plan of the game and the position of your enemy, which will have a huge impact on the accuracy of your shots.

Deadly Final Battles

Once you’ve chosen your target, you must take them out before they can return fire. You will have three shots to shoot with, and you have three shots left once your first three hits have been made.

Your targets will be staggered around the room, so you can’t assume the same location every time to ensure that you’re not being sniped from afar.

Focus on the objectives

If you are into shooting games, you may like the game named as ‘Free Fire’, which is released in the year 2021. It is an online game, and it is a great shooting game which is played on every possible platform. The best thing about this game is that it has two multiplayer modes – one mode in which one has to save his ammunition and the other one in which one has to save his life.

In the 1st mode, you will get a chance to shoot the 5 guys, while in the second mode, you have to save yourself from the evil guys.

The game can be downloaded from the official site in a few steps. You have to search for the game and play with a copy of 64-bit operating system. The game also has a theme song of the film called ‘Who Are You?’ which has an amazing number of views on YouTube.

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