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How do you make your phone apps look different?

by Amanetali44
How do you make your phone apps look different?

Apparently smart phones have become a part of life. In this modern era, importance of Android cannot be denied. Android phones can be seen in the hands of every other person. These are relatively cheaper and can be bought from any nearby phone shop. It is human’s nature that he gets bored easily. That is the reason he enjoy change. Same is their behavior with phones. People always keep changing their phones or else they alter the themes, settings and appearance of the phones. Besides changing widgets, fonts and wallpapers, changing app icons give the phone a completely new look. So, if you are also thinking to change your Smartphone’s app icons below is a guide to do so.

Change App Icon in Android Phone

It is super easy to change app icons in the Android. Not any advanced tech knowledge is required. Let’s learn to change application icons by different methods.

Install a Launcher

Not every Android has pre-installed app icons or even the application of icon app. If your phone is also not customizable in this regard then do not worry. You have an option of installing a launcher. Yes, there are a large number of launchers available on Play Store that will surely be enough to customize your smart phone. All you need to do is to install a launcher and then follow the instructions given on it to amend app icons.

Some Famous Launchers for Android are:

Microsoft launcher

It is the launcher by Microsoft that replaces Android’s previous launcher when installed in the phone. It can be installed in every smart phone with the Android version 7.0 or higher. It is very customizable.

Action Launcher

Actions Launcher by Chris Lacy is one of the best Android Launchers. It supports 5.0 and higher Android versions. You can install its latest version from the Play Store. But if you cannot access Play Store for some reason then you can also take it from any website from Google.

Nova Launcher

Just like Action Launcher, Nova Launcher also supports Android version 5.0 and higher. You can customize and alter desktop, app icons, themes and do much more. You have the facility of backup and restore as well.

Apex Launcher

This launcher has been rated 4.5 by the users. With 48.4 million Installed this launcher is considered very functional. It provides a lot of features to set up your phone’s appearance.

Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 focuses on efficiency and simplicity. It supports hotkeys and permits the use of gestures. Features like weather insights, pre- tagged events and app passwords make this launcher more attractive.

Hyperion Launcher

Disk space of 500 MBs would be enough to run Hyperion Launcher. You can control a lot of features of your Android including transparency, interface and manage applications, updates, animations and tools. There are very interesting visual effects that refresh your phone’s home screen. Even with all these useful functions this launcher is simple and user friendly.

Evie Launcher

Access any app easily with Evie Launcher. You wouldn’t believe its size is less than six MBs, which is very small compared to its extraordinary interface and elegant speed. That is the reason this launcher stands in competition against other Android launchers.

AIO Launcher

It is an app by AIO Mobile Apps. Its latest version is 4.1.1. It gives a lot of controllers to the user.  Its main focus is to provide essential features instead of themes, colors and animation effects. All the statistics of your activities, exchange rates and latest news are also shown in this launcher.

Note: All these launchers can be installed from Play Store for free. Some launchers have paid features that users need to purchase. Try to use these launchers only if you do not have an in-built app icon changer in your smart phone. Otherwise no need to go for Android launchers. Sometimes they make your phone slow. Also you should avoid installing any infamous and less Installed launcher as it may affect your Android phone.

Samsung Galaxy Icon App

  • If you have a Samsung phone clack and hold any bare area of your home screen. Go for Themes. Tap the option of Icons.
  • Choose the icon pack you like. It is important to jog your memory that not all the icon packs are free. Some are free as well. Install any desired icon pack and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to authenticate.
  • Well, if you want to apply pre-installed icon pack then again tap and cling to empty part of your home screen. Select the option of Themes. Select Icons. Now tap on Menu and select My Stuff. Select the option of Icons. Now choose your favorite Icons and then Apply.

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