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Best Reminder Apps for Android Phone

by Amanetali44
Best Reminder Apps for Android Phone

Reminder apps are those apps which help one to remind about important events, dates, occasions, tasks etc. These apps are very handy and almost everyone who has a Smartphone has atleast one of these apps. The following are the top 10 reminder apps for Android:

Google Keep

This is an excellent reminder app available on Android OS. This app can be used to quickly capture every information and be reminded about it when the time comes. This app can create checklists, enter a voice note and even snap a photo.


This is another highly popular and very useful note taking app which comes with many useful features and a rich UI. This app lets you save and sync notes and even to-do lists etc. Winner of many awards, Evernote is truly a masterpiece reminder app.

Any. Do

This is a superb reminder app which can be used to create to do lists, remember tasks etc. You can sync your lists across many devices and also do much more with this wonderful note-taking app. This app gets a 4.5 star rating and is a free to download app.

This is a to-do and task-list application which is very easy to manage and be reminded of all the tasks that you are supposed to do. Wunderlist makes life much simpler and acts as a personal task manager.


rated at 4.4 stars, this is another wonderful to-do list maker and a task manager which has 900000 loyal users. This app also has the feature of synchronizing all your lists across various devices.

Task List

This app keeps tracks of everything you need to know and remember. This app can help you organize tasks and assign icons to both lists and tasks. This application is a very customizable platform which will take care of all your needs and specifications.

G tasks

This is a very simple yet effective task manager with which you can customize your to do lists and share tasks etc. This app is easy to use and with this, you will never again miss a task again.
ColorNote Notepad Notes

This is a simple notepad app which provides a good editing experience when you write emails, messages, notes, memos and shopping lists. This app has been given a 4.6 star rating and comes with the sticky note widget.


This is a paid reminder app which comes with a note taking platform and has an endless feature list. This app has been given a 4.7 star rating and has an excellent UI for effortless note taking.


This is one of the best note taking applications on the Google App store which is packed with excellent features and has been rated at 4.2 stars.

This is a paid app which has a simple checklist, project management system and landscape calendar view. You can sync your tasks over different devices using this app.

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