8 Tips To Improve Your PUBG Mobile Game

Pubg mobile is a most playing mobile Game of 2021

How To Improve Your PUBG Mobile Game

PUBG Mobile is the most played gaming platform of the year! PUBG Mobile has a huge following of gamers across the world. PUBG Mobile is a third person shooting game. It is an online multiplayer game that you can play on your smartphone, portable game console, tablet, or a desktop.The game offers a total of 100 players are taking part in the game and it is available for mobile devices like iPhone, android, and Windows phones.

The game has all the possible gear and weapons and you can use them to defeat your enemies and make them become your personal partner in this game.The mobile version of the game also supports an in-game virtual currency called V-Bucks that you can buy using real money. The V-Bucks is one of the most important income sources for the game developers.

Improve your device performance

This is pretty obvious but I’ll repeat it anyway, your device might not have the speed of a high-end smartphone, but don’t bother buying a smartphone that is slow. Make sure you buy a high-end phone that you can run the game smoothly without any lag, or else you’ll just lose interest in the game.

Don’t rush on your Action

Another thing you can do is avoid action in the game right from the start. A lot of players like to open the game with a match first and then engage in a long-term game in the long run, but there is no point in doing that. Just stick to the game flow and don’t rush on your action.

Screenshot in-game

The game is very immersive and you will spend a lot of time in the game, so you will want to watch out for your framerate and the game to avoid lags.

Improve your gaming performance

The matchmaking system in Pubg Mobile is being upgraded. Players should note that it has been improved to allow them to enter matches with weaker players. This is to help them improve their performance by providing them with a challenge. A good strategy to use in a match is to get in good position and win the first round and try to overcome the enemies.


It is not advisable to join a game where there are only you and the person who selected you to play with. You should avoid doing that and get a game where you can join with friends.

Ensure that your friends have done the same

Messages that people share about a game and how a team is performing should always be a good sign. As such, do make sure that your friends have done the same. Do not press too many notifications.

Improve your gaming setup

# 1. Download the most efficient patch for your phone and install the latest patches for the maximum benefit

# 2. Install the most effective battery pack to keep the device online and monitor the battery levels

# 3. Download the latest firmware update

# 4. Keep a check on your phone performance by going for the fresh download of the latest update

# 5. Go for optimized phone storage to increase the memory of your phone to enhance the overall gaming experience

# 6. Save a lot of your data for the occasion

# 7. Launch the game only when your device reaches the 50% complete mark

# 8. After playing your daily dose of games, connect your device to charge device to ensure the constant performance

Improve your gaming skills

There are numerous ways to improve your game. One of the best ways to improve your skills is through practice. Practice makes perfect. You can practice by logging into the official servers to play with your friends. The official servers of PubG mobile are getting free of charge every day and you can test your skills against your friends while earning rewards.

Here is another great way to improve your game by testing your wits with others. Run and hide in hiding spots in your buildings. Learn the drops by looking at the corpses and try and figure out what you can use. Your enemy will try and come after you and this is a great way to test your reflexes and reactions.

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