5 Tips To Increase Your Android Smartphone’s Speed


Here is an anecdote that lot of people are familiar with. Your Andoid phone is loaded with wonderful apps which seem to be multiplying daily and finding answers to all your problems. But at the same time, loads of them seem to be crashing, the phone appears to “slow down” and you don’t know what to do, because it’s not something that you can fix.  This is fast becoming the scenario with all users of Android smart phones and frankly, there is a need to worry. Your average Ice-cream Sandwich Android OS has started to diminish and is going obsolete. The jelly bean now offers faster mobile operating systems are supposed to keep up with your needs and still grants access to everything. What it is doing however, is making its elder siblings absolutely useless. Are you now worried that you’ll have to buy a new phone almost every year to keep up? Well then, stop worrying, because here is your guide to keep your Android phone on par with today’s super-smart phones.


1. Know Your Device in and out:

The number one lesson is to know what your Android phone’s capacities are and at the same time take note of all its drawbacks. The level of obsolescence is so high that phones become old almost as soon as they enter the market. The best way to counter this is to be very conscious of all the adjustments you make to your phone. Power-hungry apps, that crash regularly or widgets that are specifically for upper-end versions are highly avoidable.

2. Update to the latest fast food available:

Its time you followed Google’s fancy for fast foods and started updating your software to the latest version that is supported on your device. Each new release of Android’s seems to be making waves as it comes with superb performance speed, connectivity and user-friendly features. Thus, what you must start reviewing and researching on all of Android’s new updates is which one will suit your needs the best.

3. Update, Disable or Remove:

An app are like any other household item. Keep what you use the most, disable or keep aside all the apps that you use rarely but are still necessary and most importantly don’t download an app because you think you might use it in the future. Apps occupy a lot of memory space and storage of data and advance is almost always battery consuming. Think thrice before downloading an app that your friend did just to look cool. Apps are not the be all and end all of a smart phone experience.

4. Keep your apps far and widgets farther:

Now remember that widgets are not apps. They run only when you want them to. But to keep up with your whims and fancies they are always running in the background and are active, always. Those extensive controls like Weather, Wi-Fi, important dates and other such updates that come regularly are stealing your precious battery power. Have too many widgets, and you main screen will appear gorgy and will crash every once in a while. So unless you are a weather forecaster, or a Wi-Fi user, then you can surely avoid widgets.

5. Sync nothing, save loads of things:

Very much like the widgets, sync is a very good feature which helps store your data at Google’s secure servers. Keeping you sync on ensures that all notifications regarding mails, stocks, and weather, important dates are accessed right away. Sync can gouge you battery and will lower the Android’s performance like no other app or widget. So like the app and widget, use it only when necessary

One extra for all of you- Root to Shoot: Android is built on the Linux kernel. Rooting your Android will give you administrator rights to your phone and essentially make you the lord of your phone, which means that you can delete all apps that Android gave you and you never found any use for. It also allows you to make any upgrade to the latest Android version even when the phone doesn’t support it. But like any other jail-break or rooting, you lose your contract with the manufacturer which becomes void, you stop receiving updates and if you screw your phone beyond repair, well, there’s no answer to that.

This ends the guide to keeping a good Android phone good enough forever. If you follow even one of these steps, their results will also be visible very quickly. Soon you want to follow each and every one of these steps to save your battery and memory. So remember that your phone is only as good as you treat it.

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