5 Best Media Player’s for Android You Must Try This


Media Player apps are among the most crucial apps an Android Device needs. What else will allow you to watch movie’s or play music videos? What even is the use of an Android phone if you cannot watch mp4 videos or play mp3 audio’s on them better than on a silly feature phone’s?


There are several options you must try, so we thought it would be a good idea to list down the 5 best free media player applications for Android smartphones could be equipped with. The choosing was so hard, so we increased the number of slots to 5. I hope this list helps you alots.

MX Player

Not a lot of applications can claim to be a part with MX Player. In many ways, MX Player is the gold standard for media player apps and hardly any application can claim to meet it, let alone surpass it. The Use of this app is the touch-friendly user interface which allows you to change the most important parameters of your video like Farwad and back, Music up and Down through simple touches and slides.

You can maximize by touching at the seek bar, as with many other apps, not only this you can also slide horizontally, forward and back for finer seeking. This way, you get to start watching your video again from the closest point you stopped last time.

Vertical scrolls can change volume and brightness on the right and left sides respectively. There are also easy menus you have access on the top right which gives a lot more options as features.

MX Player was free until recently. If you can manage a few ads on the screen, it is still a worthy choice. Otherwise, you can buy the cheap pro version to eliminate all ads.

MX player

VLC Player

VLC Media Player is one of the most well-known video player, has made itself the king of entertainment in the PC and android world. VLC brings the ability to play both mp3 audio and mp4 video files in full HD quality, though you must admit the audio needs a bit of refinement, especially in the widget menu. It’s a reason we place it in second position in our list.

VLC Player is not much different from the Google Play Music interface, which is nice because most other players are much of a shock to the user and it takes the time to figure out the whole application. But that doesn’t mean it has compromised on innovation technology. One thing that stands out with the application is the built-in equalizer that lets you visit the same music in different acoustic settings.

And have you seen how YouTube videos get minimized in the application into a small tabs, a feature that Facebook recently replicated? Yeah, VLC lets you do but better. How? Your video can be viewed even outside the application while using another apps, and the tab can even be positioned differently.

VLC player


Well, Vidmate have alots of updated feature, like downloading videos to making meme, getting you latest new apps and games and encrypting files out of sight. But the video player is what stands out from me Unfortunately, it is a much neglected by users, which makes this app sort of a hidden from internet lovers.

Vidmate lets you control parameters of your media just like MX Player, only it is a bit more sensitive so you don’t have to keep scrolling the screen and you’ll probably be done in a one swipe. But the high sensitivity isn’t necessarily a good thing for app. A common problem reported by users of this app is that they routinely scroll too forward ahead with the swipe and they have to double tap the screen repeatedly to back to the point they left off. Apart from that, the video player can help you make funny memes for your account and share them with friends, as well as do a bunch of many other cool stuff. Try it out!

Vidmate player

KM Player

There are a few applications that can offer you video playback speed control features, but I find KM Player to let you control your media video speed easiest. It allows user’s for a screen float while you access other’s applications. You can even use this app as a cloud storage application to keep your important or favorite videos available across devices. There’s a neat mirror mode to play with as well best feature of this app. The music player is pretty set as well, but it can come off a bit repressed in the package look.

KM player

Kodi Player

Kodi player is not really a stand-alone app with video player abilities. For smart-phones, it is more like a touch-enable remote you can use to control the TV (which also required to be installed with Kodi using Amazon Fire Stick or an Android Box). But with channels enabled, Kodi player is among the best ways you can access your favorite entertainment. It can also load or bridge you with other applications like Netflix or Showbox and let you watch vide’s content online.

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